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Business Conslutant

“In Present scenario where business market is highly competitive, because of that business owners/Brand/Entrepreneur deals with so many difficulties. That is why As a Business Consultant Vidayalaya Granth Private Limited is always there to assist you to excel and to make sure that you are ready to HEAD ON ” those challenges.
The success of any company depends on the network it has across the world and how that company is serving to its client. If we talk about growth, expansion of business or success in less investment one of the most suitable options is “Franchising” and that is why we are here to support you.
Why Franchising is important for any BRAND (Business Entity)? There can be many points to explain the above. These are the few fundamental points which make a franchising preferred choice for a brand.
.  Quick expansion of business
. Financial resources
. Returns
Assisting you to fly high worldwide with most deserving and genuine franchisees is one of our prime objective.
. We provide the most prospective franchisees with same moto “to grow as you grow!”
. We support brand in making franchise model.
. We have a team of Experience and skilled business strategist from small scale business to large scale industry to provide the consultation,
. We focus on bridging the gap between franchisor (Brand) and franchise (Entrepreneur)

Industries We Work

Apparels, Automobile, Aviation, Beauty & Salon, Beauty & Wellness, Books & Publication, Business Service,
Dealers & Distributors, Education, Food & Beverages, Gift & Jewellery, Gym & Fitness,Health & wellness,Spa,
Health & Wellness, Retail Industry, Service Industry, Tour & Travel

Consultation Services for New Brand

If you are a big brand and want to expand your business but you have so many questions like: - What would be the cost of implementation? How much would be the profit. What resources it would require? What concept will be the best? No need to worry about it, as we are ready to assist you from the start. We will support the brand from sales to operation as we have expertise in making the franchise module and taking that model to the next level of success. What are you waiting for? Contact us now.

Get New Business Ideas

Innovative Business Idea and its Importance
A business idea is concept or a different plan of action that can be used for monetary gains. A good and effective business Idea is the most important for a successful business, because it helps the entrepreneur in achieving their short term and long term goals. If you are not having any good business idea your business is dead. A good business plans sometimes become the future of new entrepreneurs. That is why the evaluation of any business plan is important because it starts the life of an entrepreneur.
We create a profitable business idea having Priority on These Points keeping the following point’s inconsideration:
Investing in new things, as per the trending demand of market.
We understand that personal need fulfilment is also important.
Idea should be easy to implement.
Upgrading the present business idea and innovate new things continuously.
Vidayalaya Granth Private Limited is one of the reputed companies in the industry to support brands and entrepreneurs in understanding the franchise module and to make them invest their efforts and time where they can grow. As we are carrying very good experience, technical and practical knowledge and also understand the different type of problems experienced by the entrepreneur that is future franchise buyers. We guide them and suggest them the best options whenever wherever they want. So if you are a brand who want to Expand vertically or horizontally there business or a new start up who is looking for a suitable franchise as per there experience we are here to help both.

Franchise Consulting

Providing full consulting services such as legal registration, market research, trademark, operation support such as helping in formation of marketing, Human Resource, finance and IT departments, and all the requirements they need related to business.

Marketing and Promotion

If you want to build a brand visibility of your brand, no matter you are a brand or new start up. We have all the resources as our one the vertical is advertisement segment. All the best options are available print or electronic media both.
Let’s Stat!!!
“A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step”
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