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Education Portal

Vidayalaya Granth Pvt Ltd is the first of its kind who deals in Student profile development (Education), Education services (Education Portal) since 1998 which is a trusted and specialized organization focused on developing a complete Education solution and serving it as ERP, Mobile Apps and Education Portal is our dedicated software having branding name as INTEGRITY, FAIRNESS, BREAK THROUGH RESULT, COLLABORATION, RESPECT, EDUCATION and COMMITMENT is the 7 magic mantras of success on Vidayalaya Granth Pvt. Ltd.
We have developed an advance education portal keeping the priority in mind to maximize the students undeveloped skills plus to help Parents/Teacher/Institutes and the service area we have mentioned in Our Ambition is to support and identify the skills and strength; we provide them career oriented options like Counselling/training/workshops/tournaments/price comparison/syllabus comparison wide marketplace for education services and all those options which a student requires during the journey of his education.
In order to achieve the aim of career for every potential learner in our country, the objective of is clearly marked. With the help of this portal students/parent/teacher/gradients can access free and easy way to find the services what they are looking for such as college/coaching/uniform manufactures/stationary shops/dance class/ acting class/ and many more. With the combination of knowledgeable team, strategy and technology we help students to fulfil their ambition of life. With us student become ready for next transition of career growth and can be ready for future.

Need of Eduport

As we know Education Industry is very big industry. When a student starts his/her career they find n number of problems if they are looking for any particular education related solution. There is no place where they can get all the education related services at one platform. Hence Vidalaya Granth Pvt Ltd came up with an idea to launch a web base portal where student/Parent/teacher/school can get all the education related services. Online Portal has become more prominent and accessible.

How works

It is a web base online education portal having wide range of category such as teachers resume data base,
list of schools, list of music class, competitive coaching classes, list of stationary shops,
book depots etc. For more details login and explore…

Welcome to the Future

Technology is getting advance day by day. For our professional growth we should accept the new technology and get ready for the future. Our vision is to acquire highest range in providing the education services and technology worldwide and to make the technology as simple as possible so that any group of people can use it right from their palm.
To provide relevant and comprehensive information that will help students to compare services across India and make a best decision. To make education scalable, accessible, affordable, career-focused and high-quality, get information on the best education related services whenever, wherever you want.
We envision becoming the one-stop destination for students to find the right Education Related Services that are best suited for their requirement. We aim to empower students with the right information to enable them to make informed and fact-based decisions while choosing their colleges and careers Etc.