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Tracking Device

We provide Tracking Devices with highly secure and advance technology based. In present scenario safety and security is one of the important concerns of every sector. We are carrying a decades of experience in research and development of the tracking devices. We provide end to end solution from manufacturing of product to sales and after sales services in cost effective price. Our motive is to serve you with highly safe and secure product for your love one it can be company or an Individual.


GPS for Cab/Taxi/Commercial Vehicles

We are working for big brands companies across world. We provide complete GPS Tracking System from small scale business holders to large scale business holders. Our GPS configured fleet tracking solution is having good experience from customer to company in short we can say we provide user friendly technical solution.
Our Fleet Tracking software is having many features for customers, Driver and taxi owners.

Geo fencing

Where ever your driver
is going You can see.

Real Time Tracking

You can track the timing of all the taxis moving destination to othefrom one


you can track their whole whole day history month or year

BPO- GPS Tracking Device for BPO Industry

As the India has a rapid expansion in BPO industry. As we know that BPO working 24X7 so it is been a matter of
concern that how to manage the pick and drop of the employee with safety and security as directed by law. We are here to help you as
we are serving many big giant BPO companies in the Industry

FMCG GPS Trackers

FMCG (Fastest Moving Consumer Goods) one of the largest industry in the world which take care of all the process that is Production, Distribution, Branding and Packaging. As the FMCG product is perishable so the distribution is the biggest problem. Such as late delivery, wrong deliveries of product, fuel indication, shorter routes and idling by driver etc.
Our tracking system gives you the complete solution

Medical Tracking System & Bankings

As we know that “time is money” and “health is wealth” in health industry time always matter whether it is a routine check-ups, Blood transportation, Ambulance tracking there can be thousands of point in healthcare line why it requires the tracking system. And we proudly say that we are ready to serve you open arms.
In banking sector moving liquid amount one place to another with complete security is the major problem. The frequent cash management in ATM and othe valuable goods requires the vehicle tracking system. Out tracking device serves all the problems successfully

School & Logistic

We provide the school bus tracking software where not only school management but the parents can also track their children. It helps drivers also by showing the shortest path. Managing the fleet of vehicle on pan India level to track manually is not a bed of roses it takes lot of efforts and time special calling drivers for status that Is why we have made a earn end to end solution of tracking system to serve you.

Government & Personal Vehicle Tracking

With the increasing number of complaints for the misuse of government vehicle for private use that increase the government expanse and breach of law also hence to monitor the vehicle whether it is ambulance police vehicle politician’s vehicle it has to be track properly and give the complete solution of tracking system.
As we all know that there are so many case of missing vehicle in the records and it is increasing day by day. And most of the cases are unsolved. It’s not easy to get stolen vehicles again. So that’s why its mandatory to have a tracking system in your vehicle to project it from the theft. Its gives you many features like shortest path fuel tracker tyre air etc.

Benefits of Vehicle Tracking System-
  • Fuel Indication
  • Tracking of vehicle where its moving
  • Paper expiry reminder like pollution, insurance and tax
  • Safety of your drive.
  • Time management
  • Employee track.
  • Theft management
  • Personal Tracking System & Pet Security

    We provide you solution to track your near and dear on in the form of jewellery. In case of children you cannot be with them all the time so with our solution it gives you peace of mind. If they are going far you can call them back.
    As we know that parents get worried if their kind went outside and don’t came back on time as we are quite affectionate towards them. As we know that the crime rates are increasing day by day with our tracking solution you can keep eye on them even if they are not with you.
    A we know that dogs loves to run here and there sometimes they can get misplaced so our tracking device helps to keep eye on them.